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CD1 wire rope hoist - ME series


  • Rating: 30 min.(JIS C 9620)
  • Power supply system: Both trolley feeding and cable feeding are available. However, neither trolley nor cable is attached.
  • Enclosure: Simplified outdoor type(JISC 0920, Equivalent to IP44)
                      (Rainproof cover is required, when it is used in the open air.)
  • Applicable standard: JISC 9620 electric hoist/crane structure standard
  • Color coating Main body:Metallic gray(Equivalent to MunselIN4.0)
                          Hook block:Munsell 7.5 YR7/14
                          Push button:Equivalent to Munsell 7.5 YR7/14
  • Ambient air temperature:-10C to 40C(Non congelation)
  • Ambient relative humidity:90% or less(Non condensing)
  • Note: These hoists cannot be used for lift(elevator for passengers.)
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Voltage:1PH 110V avaiable